John Pearse Fast Turtles Faux Tortoise Shell Picks


 John Pearse Fast Turtles Faux Tortoise Shell Picks

Tortoise Shell picks have been considered the "Holy Grail" of instrument picks since the early days.  Unfortunately, it is now illegal to manufacture picks using tortoise shell.  John Pearse now makes picks which are legal and non-lethal to life forms, and which get the same sound.  The John Pearse FAST TURTLES are so named in honor of all the tortoises who got away safely!

John's wonderful Studio Picks taught people that a pick could be redesigned...and has 3 different picking points,each of which gets a different sound! So, after using Casein [a resin made from Milk and Phosphoric Acid] for their Faux Tortoise Shell Pins, it wasn't much of a stretch of the imagination to think about doing the Studio Picks in Casein.

John Pearse Picks John Pearse Fast Turtles Faux Tortoise Shell Picks

They are available in 3 different gauges of Thin [1.2mm], MEDIUM [2.5mm with Dimple] and Extra Heavy [4mm with Dimple]. They also come with a complimentary cloth pouch so that they won't get left in your pockets and go through the washing machine.

These picks are sold and shipped individually based on the size you choose below. Colors and patterns will vary on each pick.

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