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SOLD: Santa Cruz D PW Sitka and Mahogany with Adirondack Bracing and Hot Hide Glue

Hear This Instrument: Santa Cruz D PW
Recorded In-House on a Sony PCM-D50 handheld recorder with no compression or eq.
 Santa Cruz D PW Sitka and Mahogany with Adirondack Bracing and Hot Hide Glue

This dramatic sounding model was designed to introduce the superior sound of Santa Cruz Guitars to players that had been afraid to touch them. SCGC’s reputation for relentless quality and attendant high prices kept many from even trying one out. The Pre-War Model was okay to approach, not inexpensive but not completely intimidating either. Given the opportunity to hear a truly sophisticated guitar, perhaps for the first time, players experienced a paradigm shift in what they thought possible.

The D/PW’s powerful volume, overtones and rich presence is an epiphany to the uninitiated. There are no unnecessary design features on this model, simply the finest materials treated to SCGC’s state of the art lutherie. This instrument is the best value to be had in a professionally hand made guitar, period The Santa Cruz D/PW series are consistently some of our favorite instruments.

The pre-war forward shifted bracing pattern favors bass response making these guitars very powerful with a big bluegrass "thump!" Even with this forward shifted bracing, the Santa Cruz team doesn't allow these guitars to lose the signature string balance, as these guitars are equally responsive up and down the register.

This guitar features a Sitka Spruce combined with custom Mahogany back and sides. The upgrades continue with the addition of Adirondack Spruce braces and Hot Hide Glue assembly. Adirondack Bracing offers a more efficient transfer of string energy to the top, since Adirondack is much stiffer than the standard Sitka braces. This allows for a more responsive and powerful sound board.

The Hide Glue does much of the same thing, as it sets up hard, like glass, and when used on the bracing offers an incredibly efficient transfer of tone through the wood. The combination of both these features on the already great D/PW makes this guitar a genuine powerhouse. Browse our fine selection of Santa Cruz Guitars. Learn more about the history of Santa Cruz Guitars. Read More »

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This instrument has been spoken for. Please call 866-265-5993 or email to inquire about a similar instrument.