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SOLD: 2007 Custom Gibson Les Paul Faded Standard w/ Peter Green Modification

 2007 Custom Gibson Les Paul Faded Standard w/ Peter Green Modification

Peter Green fans rejoice! From his incredible work with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers to the founding of Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green is an influential guitarist with a signature sound. Much of his tone is due to his modified 1959 Les Paul Burst. Many have tried to replicate it for years, with varied success. A gentleman by the name of Larry Corsa has made it his lot in life to perfect the Peter Green tone and consistently produce it for fellow admirers. After years of research and trial by fire, he has made a valiant effort at an unbelievably reasonable price! We are thrilled to have one of his famed modded Les Paul Faded Standards, and agree that bleeds Green!

Before Larry gets his hands on them, the Les Paul Faded is a gently aged, hand-rubbed, satin finish Les Paul Standard. According to Corsa, these models are by far the most consistent and playable - even before he does his work. The smaller, vintage-style headstock; keystone tuner buttons; and fat, rounded '50s-style neck add a vibe that's rich in history. The body is not chambered, but it is weight relieved - a good compromise between vintage tone and shoulder renching weight. That, however, is practically all the original Faded has in common with this customized beast. Larry begins with removing all the electronics and rewiring every pot, switch, and pickup; opting for a 50s style schematic with vintage braided wire. He replaces all the pots with 500k audio taper, short shaft pots. The capacitors are replaced with vintage spec Sprague orange drops. The pickups he uses are actually custom made for this very modification. Appropriately named the "Manalishi", these custom pickups are not as bright as the standard BB Pros, with more harmonic range and overtones. Manalishi are non-potted pickups, just like the vintage PAFs. The neck pickup is rotated in its cavity and wound "out of phase" - just like Green's.

All of this careful work makes for a surprisingly deep, meaty tone that is tough to find in new Gibsons. This guitar feels worn in, like its been played on the road for years. The top end is mellow and rounded, perfect for downtrodden blues riffs. The bridge and tailpiece have been replaced with Faber vintage-spec'd hardware - adding richer sustain and gutteral resonance. All and all, this is by far the nicest sounding Les Paul Standard we have played in years. Tonally, it is a completely different animal, but you'll wonder how you lived without it. If you want to hear what a Les Paul "should" sound like, but don't have several thousand dollars or a vintage piece in the family - be sure to pick this one up!

This guitar is in great condition. There is some wear on the back above the waist, which is visible in the photograph. There is also some slight marks near the volume and tone knobs. There is a slight ding along the top of the headstock. It includes the original Gibson hardshell case.

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