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Smith and Young Guitars – Volume – Tone – Sustain

SY Press 1 530x685 Smith and Young Guitars   Volume   Tone   Sustain

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Smith & Young Press Release for the Introduction of The Model 1 and Model 11.

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About our Luthiers: Smith and Young Spider Cone Guitars

 About our Luthiers: Smith and Young Spider Cone Guitars

We are proud to introduce the newest line of instruments from the Smith and Young Stringed Instruments division of National, the Smith and Young Spider Cone guitars!

There is an art to reproducing guitars from a by-gone era in today's day and age. The folks at National have certainly proven they can not only faithfully recreate historic models, but also update them tastefully with modern day technology & materials that offer improvements.  Today's National ResoPhonic is a constantly evolving company, which is always trying new ideas, reissuing classic models, and pushing the envelope as far as tone is concerned.

For many years, National ResoPhonic has been in research and development of the original Dobro's, as those models were part of the fabric and historic beginning of the original National company founded in 1927.  This is the instrument that spawned an entire industry, a sound, and inspired a tone like nothing else.  The Dobro company was founded in 1929 by brothers John Dopyera, Rudy Dopyera, Ed Dopyera, and Vic Smith. The name "Dobro" represents an early acronym for the Dopyera Brothers, thus: Dobro.

The name Dobro was never intended to mean a specific instrument, like a banjo, or mandolin, however, over the years, the name Dobro became synonymous with any squareneck spider-bridge resonator guitar, held in the lap, and played with a bar in open tunings, rather than fretting the strings on a fretted fingerboard.

Over the years the Dobro company changed ownership many times, and was shuttered from 1942 to 1954, bought by Semi Mosely, then lost, and finally bought by Gibson.

Fast forward to today's modern era National ResoPhonic instruments, located in San Luis Obispo, where founder Don Young started his company in 1989.  Having worked for the Dopyera brothers several times during his career, Don is uniquely qualified to recreate these iconic guitars.  We are proud to introduce the newest line of Spider-Cone guitars from Smith & Young Stringed Instruments!

SMITH YOUNG About our Luthiers: Smith and Young Spider Cone Guitars
Smith & Young Stringed Instruments

Their new catalog of instruments includes both round neck & square neck models, offering both a light guage steel body spider-cone dubbed the Model 1 & wood body spider-cones in the Model 11.


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