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SOLD: 2009 Huss and Dalton TOM-R Custom Sitka Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood

Hear This Instrument: 2009 Huss and Dalton TOM-R Custom Sitka Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood
Recorded In-House on a Sony PCM-D50 handheld recorder with no compression or eq.
 2009 Huss and Dalton TOM R Custom Sitka Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood

Brazilian Rosewood is an extremely rare tonewood with deep bass and brilliant trebles that was used on the famous vintage guitars we have all grown to love.  An international embargo on trade on Brazilian rosewood products guarantees that the relatively few sets remaining in this country will continue to spiral in price as the supply dwindles.

This guitar features a Sitka Spruce top that compliments the Brazilian back and sides beautifully! A sitka spruce top makes for a very versatile guitar, whether played with fingers or a pick.  Sitka is very warm with rich basses and doesn't require as much strength to pull the tone out of the guitar.  This guitar is highly responsive and virtually plays itself with even the lightest pick attack. The custom ordered low profile neck shape fits comfortably in your hand and makes for hours of effortless playing.

All of Huss and Dalton's standard series models employ the use of a 25' radius built into the guitar top. This is achieved by building an arch into the braces and also preparing the sides in the same radius to accept the soundboard. All of Huss and Dalton's Traditional series feature the same 25' radius prepared into the braces but the sides are left flat for a more traditional build style. This build style tends to have a more traditional tonal character, emphasizing a bit more bass. The Sitka Spruce top is braced with hand split Adirondack, as are all of Huss and Dalton's guitars, which is a stiffer bracing material that makes for a more responsive and lively top due to a more efficient transfer of energy.

This guitar is difficult to distinguish used from new, with just few light finish scratches. There is a small 1cm dent to the lower bout of the guitar that is not through the finish, this dent can be seen in detail in the photographs below.  Original hardshell case included.

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