1930s Harmony Johnny Marvin Prince of Wales Koa Tenor Ukulele ID-6410

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1930s Harmony Johnny Marvin Prince of Wales Koa Tenor Ukulele

Johnny Marvin was one of the premiere ukulele performers during the Ukulele craze of the 1920's and 1930's. Although his name is not as recognizable as a few other 1920s ukulele artists, he was a well-known radio personality and recording artist. He made many records both under his own name and as "Honey Duke and his Uke" and "The Ukulele Ace". These recordings document his talented strumming patterns, vocal jazz effects that imitate other instruments, and his smooth crooning.

In 1928, Marvin signed with Harmony Company of Chicago to promote a signature model Johnny Marvin tenor ukulele (by today's standards, this uke is considered concert-sized). In preparation for Marvin's upcoming engagement in London, Harmony supplied Marvin with 10,000 ukuleles to use as promotional give aways while abroad. Additionally, during his trip, Marvin presented to the Prince of Wales, a gold-engraved Johnny Marvin ukulele. To capitalize on these marketing efforts, Harmony then came out with a Johnny Marvin Professional Tenor "Prince of Wales model" for the general public.

This 1930's Koa ukulele is beautifully crafted and a pleasure to play.  Aged Koa produces a rich, projective midrange and balance without favoring the bass or treble frequencies. The tone is very open and woody with incredible focus that could cut through any mix. Vibrant and beautiful, the notes produced from this ukulele will please even the most discerning players.

This amazing 1930's era Johnny Marvin "Prince of Whales" Tenor Ukulele would make a wonderful addition to any collection. The reason the appearance of this uke is so good for it's age is it has been completely refinished and inspected by luthier Geoff Roehm. The center of the back upper bout is slightly indented however, Mr.Roehm feels it is stable. There are a few divits in the fretboard as well as some minor scratches as seen in the detailed photos below. Includes Uke Crazy Gig Bag.

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Harmony Johnny Marvin Prince of Wales