1957 Pre Owned Gretsch 6120 ID-5791

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24 - 3/4"
Nut Width:

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1957 Pre Owned Gretsch 6120

From George Harrison to Bo, from The Reverend Horton Heat to Brian Setzer, and most famously Mr Guitar himself - Chet Atkins, the Gretsch sound has defined rock and roll, country, and rockabilly. Check out the specs on this Pre Owned Gretsch.

The Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins Hollow Body is the one that started it all. When Gretsch approached Chet--already on his way to "legendary" status--in 1954 about designing his own model, the 6120 was the result, and it quickly became one of the company's most popular models. The 6120 was present at the birth of Rock 'n' Roll, and remains a favorite to this day among players of all ages and musical genres.

Introduced in late 1954, the 6120 featured twin DeArmond pickups, a Bigsby vibrato, a big G brand on the top, with a retail price of $385! In very late 1957, the Gretsch company started replacing the DeArmond pickups with a new "Filtertron" type pickup. The FilterTron pickup features dual-coils that are designed to "filter" out the electronic hum normally associated with single-coil pickups, while adding a warmer tone and a significantly increasing the output and sustain. At that same time, the classic "Humptop" block inlays, were starting to be replaced by the now classic "Thumbnail" inlays. Folks, you are looking at a very late 1957 model, with features available on the standard 1958 model! This is one of the latest 57's we have ever seen, preserved in all it's glory.

The 6120 was originally designed in conjunction with Chet Atkins for his particular playing and sound. Metal nut, no "G" brand, the "signpost" pickguard, original Bigsby tremolo, Horseshoe headstock inlay, knobs with the "Arrow" through the "G", it's all here. Including the "Amber Red" finish, which we all know as the Gretsch Orange!

As with any instrument of this time period, there is finish checking throughout the top. However, there are no cracks in the body whatsoever. The pickups are in fine working order, with the all that classic Gretsch tone alive and well. The fretboard does show some signs of wear and tear, with some cracks in the fingerboard. These cracks are stable, and pose no threat to the longevity of this one. The guitar as well as the original case are in remarkable condition. If you want to be a Certified Guitar player, your gonna have make a visit to the man himself, and we are sure that he is thumbpickin' up above, however, you can own the guitar that Mr. Guitar designed!

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Pre Owned Gretsch