1967 Fender Twin Blackface ID-6026

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1967 Fender Twin Blackface

Although Leo Fender developed many ground breaking an iconic instruments, his primary passion was amplifiers. None of his accomplishments exceed those that he made to the electric tube amplifier. The tones of rock and roll are defined by the circuits of the early amps of fender. In early 1965 Leo Fender sold his company to the Columbia Broadcasting System, or CBS. Although some considered the sale a positive move for Fender many consider the sale to CBS led to a reduction of quality in fenders products. Not all of Fenders' products were immediately effected from the sale of CBS in fact the Fender Twin Blackface modeled Amps remained untouched until 1967.

Introduced during Fender's blackface era, the Fender Twin Reverb became incredibly popular and has a familiar vintage tone and a world renowned spring reverb. The Twin Reverb and the standard Twin amp have very different circuits, thus having different tones. All Twin Reverb's feature a solid state rectifier.

With two independent channels , the Twin Reverb is extremely versatile. The Normal channel has two inputs as well as a bright switch which compensates for loss of brightness when the volume is set lower than 6. There are also the standard treble, mid, and bass tone controls. The Vibrato channel features the same controls of the normal channel plus the vibrato speed and intensity controls as well as the reverb control.

From 1953 to '67 Fender stamped a two letter date code on the paper tube chart glued inside of the cabinet. The first letter is the year (C='53, D='54, ect.) with the second the month (A=January, ect.) Below you will see the photograph of said Label which indicates that this Amp was built in June of 1967.

This 1967 Fender Twin Reverb is in absolute incredible condition, there are just a few minor scratches and scuffs that are photographed in detail below. Original Amp Cover Included.

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Fender Twin Blackface