1970s Ron Yasuda Koa Concert Ukulele ID-6411

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15 1/4"
Nut Width:
1 1/2"

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1970s Ron Yasuda Koa Concert Ukulele

Once you play this Ron Yasuda Koa Concert Ukulele, you will fall in love. The concert ukulele is an intermediate size between the standard(soprano) and tenor. Koa is a native hardwood of Hawaii and is widely considered the "traditional" wood for ukuleles. Koa has plenty of warmthl, this tonewood provides a unique, bright and full tone. Luckily it still retains the ease of the smaller sized standard model.

Ron Yasuda is a Hawaiian Luthier who got his start making ukuleles for Kamaka.  He was a builder for Kamaka from 1958 to 1977,  during their "gold label" years. He learned the skill as one of Kamaka's hearing impaired workforce. Upon retirement he began making ukuleles on his own. Mr. Yasuda is hard of hearing, yet his experience as a craftsman shines through in his work. His ukuleles are of top quality in both wood grain and sound. The high quality of his instruments has earned him a reputation with players from pro to amateur, from local to the world over.

Ron has always said, "Don't sell less than Kamaka!" He's very different from ukulele builders that have factories and workers, Ron does everything himself. His work represents the pride and detail carefully crafted into every ukulele he builds. All of his ukuleles are made completely of Koa. This includes the top, sides, back, neck, fretboard and saddle. Ron doesn't build ukuleles for a production market. Each ukulele is handmade. As a result each uke bears the small inconsistencies that show that it is hand-made.

This Ron Yasuda Concert Ukulele is in good condition. It has been inspected and setup by luthier Geoff Roehm. There is a faint gas off in a checker pattern on the upper bout of the back. The finish is checking through out and there is a small crack repair on the upper right bout of top. It has very minor freatwear and includes a Uke Crazy Gig Bag.

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Ron Yasuda Koa Concert Ukulele