1993 Gibson F5 Monroe Limited Edition 83 out of 200 ID-5829

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13 29/32"
Nut Width:
1 1/8"
Flamed Maple

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1993 Gibson F5 Monroe Limited Edition

Bill Monroe is often referred to as the "Father of bluegrass". This is largely due to his ever evolving and inspiring career spanning over 60 years. He has had a tremendous impact on bluegrass and most country music we know today. A consummate performer, he was never seen with out his Gibson F5 on stage or off!

In 1938 Bill Monroe formed his famed bluegrass group named the Blue Grass Boys. Around this same time Bill acquired a 1923 Gibson F5 model "Lloyd Loar" mandolin. The Gibson "Lloyd Loar" would become his trademark instrument for the remainder of his career. It could also serve as the inspiration for this Limited Edition F5 Monroe many years later. His original mandolin can be viewed not far from our shop at the Country Music Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville.

Lloyd Loar was a Gibson sound engineer and master luthier in the early 20th century. Mr. Loar worked for Gibson from early 1919 to 1924. In that short amount of time he contributed many significant innovations to the world of stringed instruments. One of the many innovations was the introduction of the F shaped holes in the Mandolin. This style was borrowed from the violin family. His instruments were known for their incredible volume, clarity, and master craftsmanship. These instruments from this period are now recognized as some of the most valuable, significant instruments ever made.

This particular limited edition Gibson F5 Monroe was built in 1993. This was the same year Bill Monroe received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. There were only 200 Gibson F5 Monroes ever made. You are looking at #83. Each Gibson F5 Monroe Label is hand signed by Bill Monroe as well as Steve Carlson. Carlson was the founder of the Flatiron Mandolin Company and Head of Gibson's production after they purchased Flatiron and redesigned it as the Gibson Mandolin Company.

Featuring a tight grained Spruce top with gorgeous Flamed maple back and sides, this mandolin is based on Mr. Monroe's mandolin. Why no pickguard? Well Bill Monroe didn't use one! This Gibson Monroe has an incredible tone. This is to be expected from such a limited production, hand crafted mandolin. With a warm, woody tone the F5 Monroe  has plenty of bite and chop, however don't let the varnish fool you. This one can cut through!

The F5 Monroe also has a beautiful varnish finish and is in excellent condition. It has only minor scratches to the finish and headstock that may even be factory made. Varnish finishes are hand applied. Thus, they are much more difficult to polish to the level of perfection or shine that a lacquer finish will. Thinner than nitrocellulose lacquer, the varnish finish is more flexible and allows the wood to resonate more. This makes the mandolin sound more "broken in" from the start. The Varnish finish also creates a very warm tone that sounds deep with a lot of definition. As an 18 year old instrument, this looks to be brand new! Original Hardshell Case Included.

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