1997 Stelling Red Fox Deluxe 5 String Banjo ID-7505

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Nut Width:
1 1/4"
Flamed Maple

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One of Stelling's newest models, inspired by master banjoist Bill Emerson, the Red Fox is a favorite of many banjo players. This 5-string banjo is among our top selling models. The Red Fox in the peghead and the abalone maple leaves in the fingerboard help to make this a very unique and beautiful instrument.

Stelling uses the Tony Pass 600TS old wood rim as standard equipment on all new Stelling banjos. This wood has been lying on the bottom of Lake Superior and other bodies of water for over 100 years and could have been hundreds of years old when it was cut down. After a special kiln drying process, this wood is in better than new condition (acoustically speaking) because of the age of the wood combined with the microbiological action to which it was subjected for so many years. It's been said that Stradivarius took advantage of the same process for his violin wood, but for a much shorter time (perhaps only a few years). The result in a new (or even used) Stelling banjo is awesome.

Unique to this model only, the Red Fox has universal appeal and has gained acceptance as a classic banjo design. The fancy curly maple used in this model is enhanced by the reddish stain. The Tony Pass 600TS* is now standard in all Stelling banjos.

The Red Fox is effortless to play and extremely responsive to the touch, so that it rings even with the lightest touch. And, when played hard, it keeps on giving. This maple banjo is a very full and powerful, with a deep bass end and well balanced treble all the way up the fingerboard.

This 1997 Stelling Red Fox Deluxe 5 String Banjo is in excellent condition with only a few surface scratches on the back and minor wear to the nickel finish as shown in the detailed photos below. It has minor fretwear and includes the original hardshell case.