2000 Carr Amplifiers Imperial 2x12 Kingpin 60 ID-6133

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2000 Carr Amplifiers Imperial 2x12 Kingpin 60

As with all of Steve Carr's Amplifiers, the craftsmanship of the Imperial is impeccable. Everything about this amp is seamless, with the Black Tolex cover on top of the solid wood cabinet, this amp leaves little to be wished for. Not only are the aesthetics of this hand built amp incredible, the tone of the Imperial is remarkable and a nice change in pace from the growing number of modeling and digital amps. The Carr Amplifiers Imperial operates in two modes, pentode and triode. The pentode setting is for using the amps full 60 watts for a really bright tone that maintains warmth, great for lead and edgy rhythm work in a blue or rock setting. The Triode setting cuts the power of the amp to 28 watts, giving a delightful mellow tone perfect for jazz chord comping or soloing.

This amp is very simple with no extra bells and whistles, because of it's fine craftsmanship and hand wiring none are needed. The tone is very warm with a a smooth, creamy sound quality that makes it a beauty for rhythm work in any genre. You could even crank the treble and mid controls and cut the bass completely and this amp would maintain lots of warmth, with plenty of muscular high end and mid range that isn't to brittle or harsh. The controls on this amp are very responsive which allows for a lot of subtle tone colorations with slight movements of the tone controls. Even at high volume The Imperial remains very clean tone that is consistent at any volume level.

With the boost function, guitarists may increase the gain on the amp for more volume. It's really a great addition for a blues player who needs to cut through on a solo or get some chunk sounding rhythms. The tremolo effect adds a rich expressive sheen to the overall sound,making for some nice organ like effects;the speed control balances the tremolo at sensible rates,without, getting overly fast or slow. The Imperial's reverb is lush without getting syrupy or overwhelming. It's subtle wash prevents the guitar sound from getting lost or muddled.

Hard to distinguish used from new this 2000 Carr Imperial is in excellent condition. As expected with an amp that is over a decade old there are a few minor scratches, dings and scuff marks as well as a rip in the tolex on the bottom left of the amplifier that can be seen in the photographs below. This amplifier's handle has been replaced with a brand new handle from Carr.

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Carr Amplifiers Imperial