2004 Collings MF5 Adirondack Spruce and 1-Piece Flamed Maple Back ID-5498

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13 7/8"
Nut Width:
1 1/8"
Adirondack Spruce

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2004 Collings MF5 Adirondack Spruce and 1-Piece Flamed Maple Back

Bill Collings certainly knows a thing or two about building fantastic mandolins and this early example has an airy, open sound that has matured quite nicely.  Collings uses Adirondack Spruce on this instrument along with a 1 piece flamed maple back.  Adirondack Spruce is a preferred tonewood for mandolins, known and loved for it's immediate response, bright clear tone, and virtually unlimited power. The Adirondack on this mandolin features a rich, wide grain that shows itself off nicely beneath the semi-transparent sunburst nitrocellulose lacquer finish. This Collings MF could be just what you've been missing.

The 1 piece maple back is a gorgeous example of the incredible wood Collings chooses for their instruments.  Maple is known for it's bright and punchy tone, with excellent note separation and definition.  With the Adirondack/Flamed Maple wood combination, the tone of this mandolin has a bright, punchy, clear tone.  The treble is smooth and pure... without even a hint of harshness.

The playability is exactly what we have come to expect out of Collings' shop... low action with an ultra-fast playing fingerboard!  In fact, there aren't very many mandolin builders out there that can even come close to matching the playability that Collings is able to achieve.

This 2004 mandolin has a  few dents on the side, near the endpin, where a carpenter jack was once installed. These are pictured below.  There are some marks on the tailpiece, also photographed.  There are some minor finish scratches from normal playing that could not be photographed.  Original Collings hardshell case included.

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