2004 Orange AD30R Amp ****NEW PRICE**** ID-6098

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2004 Orange AD30R Amp

Every guitarist knows that their amplifier sounds best when cranked, but it's very rare that a live sound engineer will agree! If you are one of the millions of guitarists tired of being told to "turn down", then the Orange AD30R combo could have been designed for you! Push the AD30 master up past "7" and the power amp will really start to sing... Without drowning out your drummer! Nothing beats the snap and definition you will experience from a class A amplifier fully cranked! It is a tone that no amount of transistor or digital circuitry can mimic. Take a look at any modeling amplifier and you will always find this sound missing. Furthermore, ask any guitar magazine reviewer and they will tell you the same thing. Of all the amplifier manufacturers, no one captures this sound as perfectly as Orange! An amplifier's speakers shape its tone into the actual sound your ears hear. The AD30 twin channel combo is loaded with two Celestion Vintage 30 12" speakers to ensure that your ears get to hear the purest possible tone money can buy! This amp features  30 watts of pure class A Power. This amp is a preowned, however, there is nothing to distinguish this from new! There are no dings, scratches or dents anywhere on the chassis or the covering.

Please note that this amp weighs more than FedEx home delivery will allow. Therefore, it will need to be shipped to a commercial address. We only ship to "verified" addresses. You can easily add your work address to your credit card. You will need to do this BEFORE you purchase the amp. Please feel free to call us to discuss.

*All Pre-owned Amplifier Sales are Final, and Non-Returnable*


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Orange AD30R