2006 Rivera Sedona Lite ID-6115

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2006 Rivera Sedona Lite

The Rivera Sedona was the result of a concept pioneered by Rivera, with the collaboration of Nashville fingerpicking legend Doyle Dykes to create a tube acoustic guitar amp. While trying to stay true to the original tone that the Rivera Sedona amps are famous for Rivera wanted to create a more compact and lighter amp that would meet weight requirements of airlines for musicians on the go. The introduction of the Sedona Lite was Rivera's answer to the need of a compact amplifier with incredible tone and versatility.

Delivering 55 watts of dynamic EL-34 tube power the Sedona has an incredible tone that can not only be used on the stage, but also as versatile tool in the studio as well. With a 12" rare-earth woofer and a high-power, liquid-cooled dome tweeter combined with the warmth of the analog tube tone this amplifier stays true to your original guitars tone but adds a certain layer of depth that is sometime lost when your guitar is mic'd.

Here are some of the features of the Sedona Lite from Rivera.com. - "Channel 1 features a special ultra-low-noise input that allows you to accept signals from balanced or unbalanced instruments or a microphone.

Instruments like the Taylor ES series as well as the new Martin guitars equipped with balanced outputs will be at their optimum when used in Channel 1 with the balanced input. Even if your guitar is an inexpensive model, using it with the Sedona Lite, will provide your sound with the best of tonal ingredients. Channel 2 features a harmonically active unbalanced input to amplify either a passive or active instrument, including electric guitars.

Instruments with multiple outputs, such as the Fishman system that utilizes a microphone as well as a piezo transducer, can utilize both channels simultaneously to balance the level and tone between the two instrument signal sources.

In the age of digital effects, we are proud to provide the legendary, costly, analog Accutronics mechanical reverb as a standard feature. With its special deep, lush sonic character, it enhances your tones with a sweet and natural swell and decay.

With built-in parametric anti-feedback controls on the front panel, you can easily eliminate irritating low-frequency droning sounds as well as enhance the overall tone of your instruments."

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Rivera Sedona