2009 Santa Cruz D12 Bearclaw Italian Spruce and Mahogany 12-Fret with Sycamore Bindings and Hot Hide Glue Construction ID-5602

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25 3/8"
Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Bearclaw Italian Spruce

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2009 Santa Cruz D12 Bearclaw Italian Spruce and Mahogany 12-Fret with Sycamore Bindings and Hot Hide Glue Construction

Legendary artist and first call session ace, Norman Blake, has long appreciated the power and sensitivity of the original dreadnought design with 12 frets clear of the body. SCGC's prototype D-12 Model was commissioned to showcase Norman's playing style by adding clarity and sustain for an articulate response to the flat pick. Building a guitar with 12 frets clear of the body creates more air volume, which allows greater amplitude and sustain. The hand tuned X-bracing insures increased bass response, while the top voicing and 4-1/4 inch sound hole size combine to achieve great presence in all ranges. This eliminates the tendency of the traditional dreadnought towards boominess at the expense of midrange and treble. The controlled integrity of Mahogany sides and back impart clarity and definition to the guitar's complex acoustic presence. The Santa Cruz D-12's sheer volume, complexity and incredible sustain make it a truly inspiring stage partner.

This custom D12 features a Bearclaw Italian Spruce top, hot hide glue construction with Adirondack top bracing, and sycamore wood bindings.  Bearclaw Italian spruce is known for it's sweet, bright, clear tone with lots of definition and high level of responsiveness. The bearclaw Italian really brings out the best of the Mahogany back and sides of this guitar, further enhancing the definition and clarity in the midrange and treble frequencies... all with a rich and balanced low end.

The Adirondack top bracing and bridge joints were painstakingly made by hand in the old fashioned method with hot hide glue.  Hide Glue sets up very hard, like glass, allowing more energy transfer through the bracing.  The difference is astounding, offering more immediate punch and volume.  The Adirondack Bracing helps to stiffen the top, making it that much more powerful with more headroom and volume.

The finishing touch on this guitar is the sycamore bindings paired with the herringbone rosette and top purfle.  This combination makes for an incredibly classy instrument, with the herringbone adding touch of responsiveness as well as visual appeal.

This is a pre-owned guitar and has some light finish scratches on the headstock.  There are some finish anomalies along the top bookmatch that upon close inspection, resembles tiny bubbles in the finish, as the detail photographs demonstrate.   This can occur with nitrocellulose lacquer finishes over time, similar to "finish sinking."   These occur on an approx 3" wide area along the bookmatch.  Original Ameritage hardshell case included.

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