2010 Huss and Dalton TOM-M Bearclaw Alpine Italian Spruce and Mahogany ID-5495

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Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Bearclaw Italian Spruce

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2010 Huss and Dalton TOM-M Bearclaw Alpine Italian Spruce and Mahogany

The standard Huss and Dalton OM is usually built with a Sitka Spruce top, but not on this custom beauty! This Huss and Dalton TOM-M has a airy, sweet, and lively tone that only Alpine Italian Spruce and Mahogany bring to the table. Balance, crispness, and responsiveness are the selling points of this special wood combination; all with Huss & Dalton's trademark "bell-like ring" they have become known for.   The even response and airy, shimmery qualities are characteristic of Huss and Dalton OMs, and this one captures that to perfection.

Huss and Dalton applies the same building style to their OM as they do their standard dreadnoughts. The top is built with a 25' radius. A positive by-product of the radiused soundboard design, besides its load bearing properties, is a boost in the mid-range without overpowering the bass and trebles. This is design function is showcased in this guitar - boasting unsurpassed tonal balance. The Italian Spruce top is braced with hand split Adirondack Red Spruce, a stiffer bracing material that makes for a more responsive and lively top.

This guitar is a dream when it comes to fingerstyle playing, offering great response and a wide open feel.  Flatpickers will be delighted by the power and clarity this guitar is capable of as, this custom TOM-M holds up to a surprisingly heavy attack from a flatpick, making it an incredibly versatile guitar across the spectrum.    Any studio microphone will sound incredible with this guitar in front of it... Mahogany, Bearclaw Italian Spruce, and Huss & Dalton's masterful build style really come to life on this killer OM.

This pre-owned 2010 guitar has a few light scratches on the headstock overlay, otherwise it is difficult to distinguish from new.

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