About our Luthiers: CA Guitars or Composite Acoustics Guitars

Founded in 1998 as CA Guitars or Composite Acoustics Guitars is the brainchild of a proverbial rocket scientist, Ellis Seal: a former aerospace engineer and guitar aficionado with a vision and a lot of experience with composite carbon fiber materials. Their 1st generation team consisted mostly of guitar lovers and dedicated players.  They work every day to make the best guitars in the world.With the implementation of modern technology such as CNC machining, CAD design, laser cutting devices and a nitrogen assisted paint system, they can control the tolerances of our instruments through every stage of the process, assuring a finished guitar that is as consistently perfect as it is beautiful. As with any high-end guitar, their hand-crafted process still requires much precision hand work and is complex and labor intensive. There really are no shortcuts to greatness!At Composite Acoustics, we stand behind our product.

Composite Acoustics customer service and care is exemplary and our quality standards are the highest in the industry. While we’re constantly working on pushing the envelope, we’ll always put sound and quality first.At Composite Acoustics we know our roots: located in the heart of the south, with its great acoustical music culture, the development of our guitars is steeped in everything ranging from Blues to Cajun, Zydeco to Jazz, Country to Bluegrass. Grounded in our tradition, we have our ears to the world, creating guitars that have started a revolution. Great sound, cool innovation and hip design: Composite Acoustics – Fine Carbon Guitars.

Features: Composite Acoustics has created a revolution in guitar design: driven by innovation, we have replaced traditional materials with carbon fiber – a man-made composite that is stronger, lighter and more consistent. Carbon fiber has been utilized in every application imaginable where strength and lightness are required. From aerospace to automotive, from racing yachts to formula-one cars to racing bikes – carbon fiber is the material of choice. We just took the next logical step: make musical instruments out of it.

Composite materials allow us to break with tradition in more than one way. Molding a one-piece body enables us to shape the form of an acoustic guitar to the contours of the player’s body. Our guitars are lighter, stronger and more comfortable as a result. Our soundboards are extremely responsive, making for a very clear and powerful guitar. Each guitar is hand-crafted, yet employs computer guidance to control precise tolerances from design to assembly.

Composite Acoustics necks are so strong and stiff that they never need adjusting, no matter what. You can play without buzzing – anytime, anywhere. They are also smooth and lightning fast as a result of our precision set-up.

Because of the impervious nature of our designs, Composite Acoustics guitars are the ideal choice for the gigging musician, the touring and recording artist, or anyone who likes to take his or her guitar out and play. No worries, no hassles, just great sound – anywhere, anytime. These are no museum pieces – they’re meant to be played hard.

On stage or in the studio, playing a coffee shop, in your room or anywhere in the great outdoors – a guitar that always sounds great, stays in tune and is tough as nails is a sure winner. We even give you a lifetime guarantee*, so you’ll never have to worry.

Composite Acoustics guitars sound great acoustically or plugged in, thanks to a choice of fine pick-up systems. Whether you choose the incredibly versatile L.R.Baggs I-Mix system or the remarkable, innovative Fishman Aura, you’ll always be heard crystal clear.

At Composite Acoustics, we are proud of our Fine Carbon Guitars – from musicians, for musicians, made in the USA. Our unique production process combines extensive hand-crafting with cutting edge technology such as CAD design and CNC machining. We believe that we make the most innovative, consistent, best-sounding and most durable guitar in the world. Go play – you’ll see for yourself.

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