AER Acousticube IIA Acoustic Amplifier 1 x 8" Combo ID-5388

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AER Acousticube IIA Acoustic Amplifier 1 x 8" Combo

This is where it all started and it is undoubtedly regarded the reference system for acoustic instruments and the best that can be done a small box like this – the ultimate solution for a soloist. The AER AcoustiCube was granted three M.I.P.A. awards so far.

This is the 2nd generation Acousticube and features 120 watts of pure clean power... producing a refined sound that is very musical.  By digitally regulating the excursion and gauss rate of the speaker, AER is able to achieve exceptional efficiency and bass response from a compact 8" speaker system.  This translates into clean, undistorted tone at much higher volumes than you would expect out of an amp this size.

The first channel features 2 inputs to choose from, one optimized for piezo pickups and one 1/4" line input.  Channel 2 features a mic/line input with a dual XLR and 1/4" jack... making this perfect for a guitarist that plugs in a vocal mic as well.

This amp was just recapped at the AER factory so it is ready to hit the stage and perform like new.  There is some wear on the foam speaker grill, shown in the photographs, as well as some wear on the covering.  The original footswitch is included.

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AER Acousticube