AER Domino 3 w/ 4 Input Channels & 8" Twin Cone Speakers ID-13466

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AER Domino 3

The AER Domino 3 consists of two AER Compact amplifiers pushing 100 watts each in stereo into 8" twin cone speakers and "mini PA" capable with four input channels...all in a single enclosure weighing only 35 lbs.

Like other amplifiers in the AER line, the AER Domino voicing is neutral and transparent, without exaggerated frequency boosts. It works equally well with magnetic pickups and bridge mounted systems, plus also with microphones. The Domino 3 includes AER's 32-bit effects processor with 16 presets addressable by each channel through individual effects-sends. This delivers a variety of effects suitable for both instruments and voice.

The effect presents can be managed by PC software included with the amplifier. Left and right "outs" in combination with the "pre" Master out allow use of separate active speaker systems and a way to extend the Domino to a PA or recording board.

  • Output: 200 watts @ 4-ohms in stereo [2x100]
  • Speakers: two 8" twin-cone systems
  • Frequency response: 60Hz-18kHz Phantom power 48v.
  • Dimensions: ...H: 14.37" ...W: 16.55" ...D: 11.81" Weight: 35.5 lbs