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Artisan Guitars Crew Member Kit!

We have spent years searching for quality products that we can use in daily practice in our shop. For instance, our logo is embossed in the softest microfiber towel we could source that could be used continually, and even stand up to trips through the laundry. It won't leave micro scratches in the finish of your guitar or mandolin, period.

Our Artisan picks are made for us by Clayton.  We chose the Ultem material for the solid stiffness and clean tone.  If you are accustomed to playing with a .72mm pick made of plastic, you will be surprised how much these will improve the sound of any acoustic instrument.

Searching for the right tool to measure string height quickly and easily was another challenge.  We wanted something that was accurate, yet not intimidating for the average player.  It needed to be simple to understand and convenient to use.  Our string height gauge is stamped from aluminum, about the size of a business card, and has all the common measurements used for setting up guitars and mandolins.  This can demystify truss rod adjustments!

Our Crew Member Kit also includes an Artisan Guitars baseball cap, a Smoke Blue Micro Suede Polish Cloth with Artisan Guitars Embossed Logo, a String Height gauge, and 3 Artisan Guitar Picks.

    100% cotton ball cap with an embroidered Artisan Guitars logo (one size fits all)
    Smoke Blue Micro Suede Polish Cloth with Artisan Guitars Embossed Logo
    Artisan Guitars String Height Gauge (easy to use & read)
    3 Artisan Guitars Ultem Picks (.72mm, .94mm, & 1.2mm)

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Artisan Guitars Crew Member Kit