Artisan Guitars History and Mission

Not your average guitar shop!... Artisan Guitars History began in 2004

The very concept of a guitar shop in Nashville is hardly unique. However, when you visit the legendary Music City, as you might expect, there's a lot of history & heritage to live up to. With some of the world's finest songwriters, session players, and famous recording studios, it beckons visions of Guitar Mecca for players from around the world.

Living up to those high expectations, Artisan Guitars proudly represents some of the world's finest acoustic guitar builders of this century, luthiers who in their own right are artists in every sense of the term. They provide the future heirloom quality instruments that our children and grandchildren will inherit as their musical heritage, today.

Handcrafted means building guitars in a style reminiscent of master luthiers from a bygone era, where master grade woods are selected by hand for their region of growth & superior tonal qualities; where progressive bracing designs & techniques offer exceptional projection & full rich tone, truly the magic of master luthiers – all this and more, crafted with modern day technology to exacting standards, with the highest quality components.

Beyond a decade of building relationships

Our role is one of partnership with these extraordinary builders, to recognize the scope of their achievements & broader capabilities, which they have gained from a passionate endeavor during the past 40 years that sums up their master level experience.  This intrinsic value is represented in each handcrafted instrument.

The value of our experience comes with a history of compassionate understanding of the needs of the individual player at all skill levels & all music genres; coupled with a comprehensive knowledge & relationship with these builders.

Whether designing guitars to be commissioned for specific purpose & playing style; or introducing a player to the value of handcrafted guitars for the first time – our goal is to match your needs with the right instrument.  For the consummate player, it’s all about tone.

To that end, please take a moment to review some examples of unsolicited client testimonials here on-line, for which we are grateful to have played a part.  Obviously we are passionate about our role in providing a highly focused level of personal service, necessary to ensure your satisfaction.

We offer expert advice on essential elements which affect tone, such as choice of top woods, bracing patterns, scale lengths, & body size.  Equally important, our supporting products are hand-picked for quality and purpose; from our extensive line of acoustic pickups & amplifiers to individual picks & instrument cases.

Artisan Guitars History

 With Bedell, Collings, Composite Acoustics, Huss & Dalton, Maton, National Reso-Phonic, Santa Cruz, Scheerhorn, and Waterloo as our core brands – you can imagine attracting a client base which extends far beyond our 3,200 square foot showroom in the suburbs of Nashville.

2018 Marks Fifteen Years on the Long Run...

Throughout the years, we have hosted some wonderful world class events at Artisan Guitars, too numerous to mention.  Some of our most memorable include store concerts with great artists, who along the way have become our friends and part of our extended family.  We have supported traveling musicians by hosting concerts for them (including Roy Bookbinder, Muriel Anderson, Pete Huttlinger, Stephen Bennett, Missy Raines & The New Hip, 3 Ring Circle with Rob Ickes - Dave Pomeroy - Andy Leftwich, The Cool Cats from Italy, Eric Skye, Ben Helson, Tim Stafford, Keith Sewell, & More)!

We have also provided support for the International Bluegrass Music Association, the Americana Music Association, ASCAP, Music City Roots, the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society (the CAAS Convention) and various charity fund raising events.  Each year from 2005 through 2012 we hosted our annual Chet Atkins Tribute Show, as a pre-convention concert to the annual CAAS convention.  These special celebrations featured world renowned players, Muriel Anderson, Thom Bresh, Brooks Robertson, Sean Weaver, Matt Thomas, Gareth Pearson, Ace Batacan, Joe Carpenter, Jack Pearson, Jonathan Brown, Pat Bergeson, Tommy Emmanuel, Pat Kirtley, John Knowles, Peter Readey, Richard Smith, Shane Adkins, and Bob Evans.  A very special Thanks to each of them for their devotion to Chet, and for all the great music!  And we also send a big thanks to the many guests who traveled from far away to attend our shows (the furthest recorded travelers arriving from the Netherlands and New Zealand).

Luthier workshops have become a mainstay over the years, featuring many visits from Richard Hoover, Mark Dalton, Bill Collings & Bruce Van Wart, and Tom Bedell.  Visitors flock to see them and learn the secret recipe to our wonderful guitars.  Just as they give their all to their extraordinary craft, they offer up the rich history of their careers along with some interesting retorts to age old questions about the sonic capabilities of wood.  What could be more fun than spending an evening with anyone of these gentlemen?

On a local level, we have also been blessed to know & serve artists and songwriters like Jim Lauderdale, Keb' Mo, Brad Paisley, Bryan Sutton, Jeremy Spillman, and many more.  In the span of a decade since inception, Artisan Guitars has become a destination for discerning players at all levels, seeking out our knowledgeable staff, our insights, and customer support.

Now that you know the Artisan Guitars history and mission, welcome to our Family!