Bedell Nashville Songwriter Series Parlor 12-Fret in "Country Coffee" Finish (Floor Model) ID-13451

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Nut Width:
1 11/16"
Master Grade Honduran Mahogany
Master Grade Honduran Mahogany
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Bedell Songwriter Series Parlor - Country Coffee

The 1st in Bedell Custom Shop designs, exclusively for Artisan Guitars, with a nod to the Nashville Songwriting community we so love.

Available in each body style ( Dreadnought, Orchestra Model, or Parlor), the Nashville Songwriter Series explores select Honduran Mahogany and the Bedell hand-tuned voicing, crafted in small numbers at their Bend Oregon Shop.

Expect warm bass response combined with excellent note clarity, as only a solid mahogany top can provide.

When played chordally, Mahogany will allow you to hear each and every note in a complex chord, plus single note runs will be crystal clear. This instrument is a dream come true for those who prefer mahogany.

All of the Honduran mahogany (neck, back, sides, & top) were individually harvested in the Mayan Biosphere at the Custosel Concession.

The mahogany, all coming from the same climate and neighborhood experience, is as synergistic as you can get. And then with Hand Tuning we sand the tops to the ideal thinness and backs to the ideal thickness to get the ideal frequency separation for the most efficient and robust sound. And then we fine-tune it all by individually tuning the bracing and tone bars.

With the one-piece mahogany neck connected to the mahogany body by a pre-war style compound taper dovetail – all of the woods bring a unique harmony in sound energy creation.

Each Nashville Songwriter Series guitar is available in your choice of custom finishes :

  • Broadway Blue : Faded denim look to match your mood, while looking for love on Broadway!

  • Country Coffee : Like a little cream in your coffee??

  • Solo Red : Celebrate life, write a hit song today!

Equipped with a factory installed K&K Pure Mini, whether you are busking on Broadway or your local coffee shop, this limited series is ready for performance whenever you catch the feeling.

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