Bedell Revolution Dreadnought Guitar Adirondack Spruce and Cocobolo (Floor Model) ID- ID-13183

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Adirondack Spruce

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Bedell Revolution Dreadnought

Bedell did it! They have taken the densest tonewood – it actually sinks in water – and found magic music wood. Cocobolo is twice the density of mahogany so when guitar builders use it to the same dimension, the instruments are heavy and not responsive. Bedell sanded their backs to a specified weight achieving a frequency response that has proven to be incredible.

Maybe even more robust than Brazilian rosewood which is in the same species family. The Revolution Dreadnought has a huge sound, dynamic bass, surprising sustain…it just sounds and looks beautiful.

The hard rock maple neck is also part of the magic. Hard maple is significantly denser than Honduran mahogany. With the compound taper dovetail neck joint connecting the one-piece maple neck to the cocobolo body -  the sound energy is alive.

To top it off, they select old-age stiff Adirondack spruce tops to drive the sound. Of course the tonewoods are Hand Tuned so the frequencies of the back are several half steps higher than the top and the bracing and tone bars have been carved to make sure the entire surface is tuned to the same frequency throughout.

The Revolution is an incredible sounding dreadnought. Additionally, the top and neck burst accentuate the dynamic coloring of the cocobolo and the turquoise accents are just right.

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Bedell Dreadnought