Bedell Summer of Love Dreadnought Guitar Adirondack and Brazilian Rosewood ID-10691

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Nut Width:
1 11/16"
Adirondack Spruce
Brazilian Rosewood

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Bedell Summer of Love Dreadnought

Bedell Summer of Love Dreadnought Guitar Adirondack and Brazilian Rosewood

The Summer of Love series revives the spirit of the most coveted acoustic guitar during the summer of 1967: the Adirondack/Brazilian dreadnought. It tells the story of the tonal magic of Brazilian rosewood and its prominence in the music that gave us the ‘60s sound we love and appreciate to this day; it’s the sound that inspired a revolution, and went on to inspire countless musicians and transform the face of modern music.

The soundboards are crafted from 200-year-old Adirondack spruce, which has higher resonance and more complex overtones than Sitka and provides strong volume and pronounced individual note clarity with vintage sound.

Adirondack delivers volume and clarity without distortion even with heavy picking. Adirondack is relatively heavy, with a high velocity of sound, and has the highest stiffness of all top woods across and along the grain.

Brazilian rosewood produces a loud, warm, rich tone, with full deep bases, brilliant trebles, delivering excellent sustain and clarity. Its appearance varies from brick red and burnt orange to shades of dark brown to violet color with black spidery streaks.

The Brazilian rosewood used in the Summer of Love series is regarded as one of the finest tonewoods: hard, stiff, and highly resonant. It is known for exceptional sustain and clarity and producing a loud, warm, rich tone with full, deep bases and brilliant trebles.

This guitar is #10 of 12 instruments made in the Summer Of Love series.The Summer of Love comes with a Hoffee carbon fiber case.

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