Fender Custom Shop Guitars: "What are my Options?" - We're glad you asked.

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What are the Fender Custom Shop options & what are my choices?

Whether you're ready to make the jump and finally get the guitar you've always wanted or you're just starting to look, this blog will be your one stop shop for all of your Fender Custom Shop needs!

Let's first start off with the most recent Fender Custom Shop Design Guide. Fender releases an amazing & informative catalog every year that dives into the many custom options they offer. This guide also has some information available on differences & similarities between specs. (i.e - fret wire, fretboard radius, pickup output, etc..).

Click HERE for a PDF of the Fender Custom Shop Design Guide.

After you've read the design guide, and you're looking to place an order you can then download the Fender Custom Shop order form. Fill out the order form and contact us to get a quote.

After these steps, your Fender Custom Shop Special Order will be submitted and on our build schedule!

Click HERE for a PDF of the Fender Custom Shop Order Form.

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