Living Machines: The Art and Craft Behind Collings Electric Guitars

Posted by Jason Witt on

Take a look inside the wonderful world of Collings Electric Guitars.

As Bill Collings will tell you, "it's not about the tools, it's the mentality of the people building the guitars that matters." After 40 years spent creating a quality-driven culture around a team of highly skilled craftsmen in Austin, Texas, building the best is more a state of mind than a series of repeatable steps. This short film takes an inside look at the drive, passion, and individual attention that goes into crafting every single Collings electric guitar.

Fueled by his fascination with the construction and design of a variety of instruments, Bill soon began crafting more than just acoustic guitars.  In 1999, he introduced the first Collings mandolins, which like his guitars, quickly set new standards for the industry.  In 2006
his interest in carved top instruments led him to introduce a line of electric guitars that players quickly embraced because of the instruments’ exceptional craftsmanship and tone. 

For the past 30 years, Collings Guitars have been the choice of musicians who seek the finest handmade instruments available.  You owe it to yourself to try a Collings.


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