The Eastman Guitar Experience

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Eastman guitars bring handcrafted quality at an affordable price! Their powerful tonal qualities stand up to (and even outshine) some of the States's finest builders. We here at Artisan Guitars are fully dedicated to the Eastman Guitar Experience.

Eastman has been building handcrafted instruments for three decades, founded in the principles of the revered luthier’s guild dating back hundreds of years. Each Eastman guitar is voiced by hand to create a more robust instrument. Features such as hand-scalloped bracing and precision tap tuning are just two examples of the way they differentiate themselves from other, mass produced brands.

From the Antique Varnish Series to the new Custom Edition, Eastman is committed to crafting some of the finest instruments for musicians throughout the world.

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Tune in to our "Live From Nashville" Eastmania episode to watch us compare Eastman models to some famous guitar brands from the States!

Eastman Guitars

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