The Huss & Dalton Statesboro SC Classic

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The Huss & Dalton Statesboro

Guitar builders Jeff Huss & Mark Dalton are well known throughout the bench-built guitar community for their small production, handcrafted acoustic instruments that have been dazzling the world for 25 years! Their "built to order" custom guitars & banjos have wowed audiences and players alike.

So when Huss & Dalton announced that they were building their first Electric Guitar, fans of the brand were ecstatic!

Introducing, the H&D Statesboro SC Classic!

"There were a lot of our acoustic players that were asking us about being able to build an electric guitar, but there is also this whole other market of electric players that we haven't been apart of, so we're excited to see what we can do there." - Jeff Huss

The Huss & Dalton Statesboro SC Classic borrows a classic shape & style with some magic that only Huss & Dalton could bring to the table! When choosing their pickups they didn't have a doubt in their mind who they wanted to use. The Lindy Fralin Pure PAF Humbucking pickups provide traditional vintage tone that comes through a little darker & thicker than most modern day pickups.

View our Huss & Dalton Statesboro IN STOCK NOW!

Huss & Dalton's first electric guitar model is a charge out the gate with unmatched quality & construction!

Watch our video below to see how the Statesboro SC stands up against a Gibson Les Paul & a Collings City Limits!

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