There Are No Shortcuts: Collings Guitars

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According to Bill Collings, there are no shortcuts when it comes to quality. This short film examines acoustic guitar building at Collings Guitars and the focus on quality that has come to define the company culture.

Bill Collings explains the root of his passion for guitars. Different artists and stars such as Lyle Lovett explain why they love Collings Acoustics so much and what exactly makes them such a thrill to play.

Collings consistently provides us with high quality handmade guitars, we are thrilled to carry their brand and have them as our partners.

For the past 30 years, Collings Guitars have been the choice of musicians who seek the finest handmade instruments available.  You owe it to yourself to try a Collings.

“There are three things that go into a great guitar: the design, the craftsmanship, and the wood. If you have great wood but not a great design or great craftsmanship, you’ll get a dead guitar. If you have bad wood, your guitar will be okay but never great.” -Bill Collings  To attain these three elements, Bill has combined his woodworking and machining experience with his highly developed aesthetic sensibility, allowing him to create designs that are equally artistic, musical and functional.  Rather than build instruments by himself in small numbers,
Bill was drawn to the unique production challenge of combining the highest levels of consistency with all the benefits of hand-crafting and voicing.  Combining modern CNC technology with the best of vintage instrument-making techniques, Bill has created instruments that embody both incredible precision and immense “soul”.


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