Udo Da Capo 75 Instruction Manual

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The first model to introduce Udo Roesner Amps into the marketplace is the stunning Da Capo 75. A combo amplifier that boasts the best performance and specifications in a compact housing. The Da Capo 75 is a 2-channel acoustic instrument combo amplifier equipped with custom-made 8-inch twin cone type speakers. It boasts a 75W output power in a compact housing and has six types of effects. Optimal size, power and performance. This is the ideal amplifier for acoustic instruments. To view & download the Udo Da Capo 75 Instruction Manual CLICK HERE!

Interested in hearing the true sound quality of this fantastic amp? Watch the Da Capo in action in the video below where Tommy Emmanuel demos the Da Capo 75 and tells you why it is his new "go-to" amp!

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