Bourgeois Vintage D Custom Varnish Adirondack & Brazilian Rosewood Pre-Owned 2012 ID-13628

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Long Scale
Nut Width:
1 23/32"
Adirondack Spruce
Brazilian Rosewood
In Stock

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Bourgeois Vintage D Custom Varnish Adirondack & Brazilian Rosewood

The best thing about this 2012 Bourgeois Vintage Dreadnought is that you don't have to imagine what it might sound like if you custom ordered it with an Adirondack spruce top. This is the only standard herringbone - style dreadnought that can make this claim.

Adirondack spruce, also known as Eastern Red Spruce, was the legendary topwood used on most pre-war American-made guitars. Properly sawn, Adirondack is much stiffer than Sitka and Engelmann spruce, both along and across the grain. This allows builders to make thinner, lighter tops, resulting in lightning-quick response with power to spare.

This Bourgeois Vintage D has Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. Rosewood provides a deep, extended low end when compared to mahogany and certainly shines when combined with Dana's masterfully tuned Adirondack top. The result is a Vintage D that is very loud and extremely well balanced.  The low end is clear, distinct and incredibly powerful, without sacrificing the strong high end.  Headroom seems unlimited, very typical of Dana Bourgeois dreadnoughts... the louder it is strummed the louder it plays!  Lead lines are powerful and clear.

The finish is an oil varnish, which pushes the tone to another level. According to Dana, "The closest thing to the sound of a 70 year old nitrocellulose lacquer finish isn't a new lacquer finish, but a thin oil varnish finish. Properly applied, oil varnish smooths out the "jangly" sound of a new guitar in much the same way that lots of playing seems to accomplish." This makes the guitar sound more "broken in" from the start, not to mention the deep golden hue the varnish imparts on the finish is simply gorgeous.

This Vintage D also features the use of Hot Hide Glue. Hide Glue was the original glue used on the early Martin guitars but has been phased out by many luthiers due to the added time it takes to work with... not to mention it is very messy!  Hot Hide glue sets up like glass, offering a more immediate and efficient transfer of energy throughout the top, making the overall guitar more responsive with a clarity of tone that is unmatched.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Excellent Condition w/ only light scratches on and around the pickguard. There are also some dings in the bridge, it look like someone used one of those ‘bridge pin puller’ tools during a string swap.

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Bourgeois Vintage D