Carr Amplifiers Mercury 1×12 Black ID-5858

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Carr Amplifiers Mercury 1×12 Black

We don't often get to see a  Pre-Owned Carr Amplifiers Mercury! The Mercury inspires visions of a classic cabinet design from a time long ago, but within the chassis of the Mercury you'll discover an inspiring and truly innovative circuit (along with utterly remarkable tone). While it is true that your friends, band mates and family members will admire the Mercury for its good looks and 'polite' power rating, Mercury owners seem to cherish our newest amp for many other practical reasons. Carr's exclusive power attenuating circuit enables the Mercury to be played at 8, 2, 1/2 and only 1/10 watts, with no appreciable change in tone, yet the Mercury easily yields enough clean headroom for club work. Add our renowned reverb circuit, a 3-position boost switch for subtle-to-intense output tube distortion, plus the incomparably thick and rich tone of a single EL-34 power tube, and the Mercury will earn its rightful place among your most treasured instruments.

Quote from Joe Perry:  "Fortunately, I get to try a lot of different amps. I love an amp that lets my guitars sound like guitars, a Les Paul should sound like a Les Paul, a Dano like a Dano, etc., with as little outside coloration as possible. It should be as transparent as possible while giving you that feeling that your guitar is coming alive. I have a bunch of amps to choose from and what can I say but my Carr is on the A-list in front of the mics in my studio and not in the back collecting dust and has been since it came out of the box."

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Carr Amplifiers Mercury