Carr Artemus Guitar Amplifier Pre-Owned 2010 ID-12124

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Artemus by Carr

Steve Carr made a name for himself building fine amplifiers such as the Slant 6V and the Rambler. His Artemus model used four EL84 tubes, but was not a subtle variation on a classic design, but rather offered a powerful blend of Dick Denney, Leo Fender, and Steve Carr. This amp is incredibly versitile and packs a tonal quality that other amps in this market range cannot compete with. Equipped with top-mounted knobs that control everything from Volume, Bass, and Treble. Next to these knobs you have several switches labeled: Edge (bright and upper-mid boost), Mid (midrange), a selector switch that changes the amp’s output from 15 watts to 30, as well as the standard controls for Standby and On/Off. A bias pot is mounted to the underside of the chassis. This amp is an unbelievable price for the value. You can bring this amp to a bar gig or an arena show, and still be able to deliver the unbelievable power and tone that you get from Carr Amps.

This Pre Owned Amplifier is in Excellent Condition with no wear and tear to mention.