Carr Mercury V 5 1 X 12 Combo Black Tolex Cabinet ID-13690

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Carr Mercury V

The Mercury V is highly touch sensitive with a huge range of English tones from 60s aggressive clean thru 70s rock into 80s and 90s tasty crunch.  The built in attenuator delivers real power tube overdrive at whisper levels retaining the feel and juice of full volume fun. Like recording on your computer? Just plug the Mercury V line out into your A/D interface and go! 

The Luscious Spring Reverb, full ranging Overdrive options, and effective tone controls make the Mercury V an invaluable recording tool.  Home player?  Experience big amp satisfaction with domestic tranquility.  Gigging musician? 16 burly watts in full power means the Mercury V is a commanding stage amp.

Mercury V wins the six string triathlon ---- Home - Studio - Stage. Plus, you get everything Carr is known for, in-house crafted solid pine dovetailed cabinets, bleeding edge power supply components mixed with Mid-Century signal elements, and true point to point wiring.  The Mercury V – Scary Good!

Features :

Power:  16 watts full, Attenuated 4 to 0 watts
Tubes:  4 12AX7, 2 6V6
Channels:  1
Controls:  Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb
Switches:  Series/Parallel Input Gain Toggle, 3-position Boost, Attenuator Toggle
Footswitch:  No
Reverb:  Yes
FX Loop:  No