Carr Raleigh 1x10 Combo Black ID-12986

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Carr Raleigh 1x10 Combo

The Carr Raleigh is a versatile practice/studio amp designed to deliver both pristine clean and heavily over-driven tones at usable volumes. The Raleigh's styling pays homage to the funky practice amps of the late 50s and early 60s.

The Raleigh is a 1-10 compact combo with Eminence Lil' buddy hemp cone 10" speaker featuring 2 12AX7s and 1 EL-84 tube compliment Controls include Volume, Tone, Clean/Overdrive Toggle Switch, Master Volume controls It has a 3 watts output, ideal for home and studio or anyone looking for glassy 60s blackface tones to juicy, sustained overdrive.

...the fact is, this amp has a ton of righteous tone. It looks as cool as a dropped-and-chopped Roadster, and it can fit in the rumble seat. Everything about it proves Carr cares. - Vintage Guitar

The Raleigh took whatever we threw at it – single-coils, humbuckers, P-90s – and spit back inspiring cleans, complex overdriven tones and raucous dirt with nothing more than a knob tweak or two. In other words, the Raleigh is nearly perfect for recording or truly enjoyable living room jams. - Premier Guitar

The Raleigh is, as we wrote in our review notes, a great little bedroom blaster - but unlike most other little bombers from days past, the rich clean tones make the Raleigh exceptional in this class. - The ToneQuest Report

Carr Raleigh