Carr Sportsman - Field Review

Thanks Bill,
Love my Sportsman!... I just got in from our local blues jam.. I ended up with the tweed unit from Artisan....Very pleased with amp...This 10 inch model weighs in at 32.5 lbs.

I am a guy with a number of vintage amps, including 4 Princetons

This amp does everything correctly, every knob seems to behave very well..

The Sportsman does the lower volume crunch, if required , unlike any of my princetons.

The headroom does act as a master volume amplifying whatever gain needs you have dialed in with the first volume knob... the treble does not get too brittle, and actually becomes quite diminished in function when the midrange pot is dialed up...

The mid knob is very functional and fattens up the sound giving it what Fender Princeton amps can not do. The bass dial surprises me in this 10 inch model using Jensen's new Falcon speaker. Very functional bass, dimed if need be with no flubbies! I see it introduced at the 2011 namm footage ,disclaiming that this speaker with the propriatary secret green cone has arrived and has a design mission to sound big,much like a 12 would!...
The reverb on this is very special in that it has a lush quality that seems to blend with overdriven tones without sounding nasty making it very useable. Better and more playable verb than my princetons.

I just played it tonight direct, using no pedals with a Gibson custom shop 329'. It supplied the range of tones needed without footstompin the pedals like the other player were doing all night.

I have also used it with my pedal board, driven by many different guitars in my stache. Good with pedals and every pickup combo as the amp cleans up beautifully, and can go low to Db's just dialing in the gain to taste with Max Headroom controlling the presentation.

The tubes, are very much out of the way from any wire cargo that typically slams and slants the verticle hanging tubes  in all my other combos. I have the early tweed amp number 06. I feel the tubes are recessed enough so that they do not seem to be in harms way.

By the way, A princeton BF cover fits perfectly or PAS small flight case houses this amp well.

Thanks AC / Florida