Carrington Classical Guitar w/ Englemann Spruce & Maple Pre-Owned 2017 ID-13532

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25 1/4"
Nut Width:
2 1/8"
Englemann Spruce
In Stock

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Carrington Classical Nylon String Guitar

There are not many small guitar builders throughout the world that have been able to rise above a luthier stigma of building such a small number of guitars. Chris Carrington has rose above and took his guitar building to new heights! World renown for building beautiful instruments for professionals; these instruments are put together with the finest tonewoods available following the traditions of construction set by the world's most well known luthiers.

The top on this guitar is made of Englemann Spruce. Englemann Spruce is softer than Sitka Spruce, offering a much more responsive tone with a lighter pick attack. Fingerstyle players especially love the way Englemann responds to their particular style of playing, projecting ample volume with minimal attack..

Combine the Englemann top with maple back and sides then you get exactly what all fingerstyle players want, a responsive top with a punchy and powerful upper mid/ high range! This Nylon string has blown us away with its versatility, strong low register, and overall playabillity! If you're looking for a strong classical performer, then this is the one for you!

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Good Condition w/ light scratches and dings throughout the entire instrument.