AER Pocket Tool Dual Mix 2 ID-6611

AER Pocket Tool Dual Mix 2 ID-6611

AER Pocket Tool Dual Mix

This AER Pocket Tool is a professional audio preamp, designed and manufactured to the highest pro audio technical specifications; capable of shaping, maximizing and delivering the tonal character of your instrument. The AER focus revolves around the "true" reproduction of natural acoustic sound to enable musicians to craft their own unique acoustic identity.

The Dual Mix is a high quality two channel preamplifier for instrument/line or microphone signals. The unit is simple with efficient features just like a small mixing console.

Two channel preamp for microphone or line signals, 4 effects, DI-out and aux-in to be used as: Channel extension - turn a Compact 60 into an amp with 4 channels (e.g.) Stage-preamp - connect the AER-sound direct to
the house system Head-phone-preamp - rehearse, sing and play wherever you want

Itemized Specifications

  • two inputs, each for one microphone or instrument
    and line-level signal
  • with switchable 24V-phantom-power
  • separate active two-band EQ networks for each input
  • a 4-preset multi-effects-unit with two reverbs,
    one echo and one chorus
  • a stereo aux-in
  • line-out and DI-out
  • plus a stereo-headphone-preamplifier


Misc. 1: Individual Gain for each Channel

Misc. 2: Effect Unit with Pan and Level Control

Misc. 3: Adjustable Aux-In

Misc. 4: Selectable 24 V-Phantom Power for each Channel

Misc. 5: Headphones

Misc. 6: DI-Out

Misc. 7: Line Out

Misc. 8: Height: 2.56"

Misc. 9: Width: 4.13"

Misc. 10: Depth: 5.31"

Misc. 11: Weight: 1.06 lbs