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Artisan Guitars Logo Ultem Guitar Pick .72, .94 or 1.2 mm ID-5415


Artisan Guitars Logo Ultem Guitar Pick

Made by Clayton Picks, this Ultem guitar pick is very popular with our customers. These picks are great because they provide a good grip and are a strong durable material. They also provide an appealing transparent look. Great for strumming in the recording studio!

Ultem closely resembles real tortoiseshell in sound, feel, and color, though our Ultem is much stronger. This new space-age material produces a clean crisp tone with limited flex. Unlike real tortoiseshell, Ultem will not fracture.

Now available in 3 sizes for our customers who prefer a bit more stiffness than our original .72mm pick offers.

(NOTE: Price is for a single pick, NOT a set of 3)

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