Collings 0001 German Spruce & Figured Mahogany w/ Sunburst Finish ID-13775

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25 1/2"
Nut Width:
1 3/4"
German Spruce
In Stock

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Collings 0001 German Spruce & Figured Mahogany

The Collings 000 series guitars produce tone that is balanced and precise... from simple vocal accompaniment to fingerpicking to ragtime solos, this guitar is well suited for a wide variety of playing styles.

The 000 is a guitar shape that was first designed around the time of the Civil War to keep up with the louder banjos and mandolins of the time. The comfortable size and timeless appearance of the 000 is matched by the ease of playing a wider neck and 25 1/2 scale.

German Spruce, a special appointment on this guitar, provides a rich, complex tone and is the perfect topwood for many players who play fingerstyle as well as flatpick. German Spruce is stiffer than Sitka, providing more headroom and power, yet more flexible than Adirondack so that it responds well to a lighter attack. German spruce coupled with Mahogany can be a match made in heaven! Dry response(perfect for studio recording), but also rich sounding with sweet top attack & beautifully light overtones.

This 000 has been built with a custom nut width of 1 3/4" for those who find the standard 1 13/16" a bit too wide for their playing style. The Sunburst top from Collings never disappoints and always stands out in a sunburst crowd. This Guitar also features a solid headstock, a custom feature from a 000 style guitar.

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Collings 001