Collings 0001 w/ Baked Sitka Spruce & Baked Maple ID-12932

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25.5" Long / Standard Scale
Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Baked Stika Spruce
Baked Maple
In Stock

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Collings 0001 Baked Sitka Spruce and Baked Maple

The 000 has the same general appearance as the Collings 00, but built in a larger size with longer string scale. Although it's the same width and depth as the OM, the longer body typically produces more bass and overall volume.

This makes the Collings 000 ideal for string-band purists or any guitarist who wants a maximum of power from an instrument of comfortable size with an elegant, old-time appearance. Collings consistently provides us with aesthicially incredible Instruments. This 000 features a Baked Sitka Spruce Top and Baked Maple back and sides.

Additionally, the appointments on this guitar include a 1 3/4" Nut Width, Rosewood Bindings, a "toned" neck to match the baked body & a 2 3/16" Saddle Spacing.

Baked Sitka Spruce

The topwood on this Collings 0001 Guitar is made from Baked Sitka Spruce, paired with Baked Maple back & sides.  This combination is highly versatile for many playing styles. 

When torrefied, Sitka Spruce becomes very open and responsive. It's noticeably warmer and more-open sounding, with the woodiness, snap and depth of a well played-in guitar. A joy to play, and a fingerpicker's..or flatpicker's dream guitar.

Baked Maple

The Baked Maple back & sides, comes across as exquisitly direct and clear with pronounced clarity and power, perfect for recording or lead guitar parts.


Guitar Sitka Spruce and Mahogany