Collings 290 w/ Imperial Low Wind Pickups & Full Pelham Blue Finish ID-13478

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Nut Width:
1 11/16"
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Expected Arrival: January 2020

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 Collings 290 w/ Full Pelham Blue Finish & Lollar Imperial Low Wind Pickups

Collings is admittedly building some of the finest acoustic guitars that have ever been built. When they decided to take on the challenge of building electric guitars, at the onset, this may have seemed an easier task. After all, electric guitars have no bracing, no acoustic waves to study, and acoustic players are known to be a finicky bunch when compared to our electric brethren. Well, 70 prototypes and a year later, they felt they had finally formulated the electric guitar they would want to build. In the process he conceptualized the iconic electric guitar in a new light, developing a new standard for fit, finish, innovation, and most importantly tone! With a TV Yellow Finish this instrument has an unmistakably classic feel.

Like all of their electric models, the Collings 290 is named after a highway that runs through the Austin hill country and takes you to Collings workshop. Although it may look like a traditional model with it's single "Spanish" cutaway and two humbuckers, look a little deeper and appreciate the features this guitar brings to the table.

The Body is crafted from select piece of dense mahogany that has two well thought out ergonomic cuts on the back of the guitar, one for the area where the guitar rests & conforms to your ribcage (in the waist of the body), and the other in the lower bout to accommodate resting on your knew when sitting down. The leg cutout makes practicing or doing a session easy as it conforms to your leg, and the other, makes standing and playing a gig a pleasure as the guitar fits comfortably against your body.

The Neck joint has been uniquely designed to join the body at an angle, allowing easier access to the upper frets. The neck joins at the 17th fret on the bass side, & at the 19th fret on the treble side. The neck is also crafted from select Mahogany that was typically used on the what today is considered investment grade instruments of the 50's and 60's.

This instrument can be a snarling rock and roll animal, or a crying blues hound dog. The tones that seep out of this beauty are what you have always wanted to hear. Rich, thick but never muddy on the bottom end, chewy midrange, and high end that will cut through the mix on stage, but never harsh.

This Custom 290 Includes Lollar Low Wind Imperial Pickups & Beautiful Full Pelham Blue Finish

Includes Hardshell Case.

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