Collings 360 LT M Alder Guitar Ferrari Red w/ Mastery Bridge Pre-Owned 2018 ID-13343

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24 7/8"
Nut Width:
1 11/16"

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Collings 360 LT M

Collings is admittedly building some of the finest acoustic guitar that have ever been built. When they decided to take on the challenge of building electric guitars, at the onset, this may have seemed an easier task. After all, electric guitars have no bracing, no acoustic waves to study, and acoustic players are known to be a finicky bunch when compared to our electric brethren.

Well, 70 prototypes and a year later,they felt they had finally formulated the electric guitar that Collings would want to build. In the process they conceptualized the iconic electric guitar in a new light, developing a new standard for fit, finish, innovation, and most importantly tone.

This 360 LT pairs the comfortable offset contours and set neck of their 360 model with a level top.  This guitar features a bridge and tremolo system from Mastery, a maker of cutting edge hardware components for offset-style guitars. Lollar pickups in this guitar give off sparkling highs and dirty punchy lows when you're looking for that Rock bombast! The word for this guitar would be versitile. From the clear Jazzy Clean Tones all the way to the distorted guitar solos, you can get whatever tone  you're searching for and more!(dont forget the mastery bridge which allows for amazing intonation and all the dive bomb tremolo power you could want!)

With such superb tone, playability and aesthetics this Collings 360 LT is able to pull off an array of different genres. This is the perfect guitar to add to any players collection!!

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Excellent Condition w/ no wear or tear to mention.

Collings 360