Collings C100 Deluxe Sitka Spruce w/ East Indian Rosewood ID-12848

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25 1/2"
Nut Width:
1 11/16"
Sitka Spruce
East Indian Rosewood

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Collings C100 Deluxe

As the bigger, bolder cousin to Collings classic C10 model and the newest body shape in the Collings acoustic line up, the C100 combines parlor-style proportions with the power and volume of a large-bodied instrument. With a nearly 16” lower bout and 4 ¾” body depth, the C100 offers no shortage of solid, low-end response, yet the narrow waist and non-scalloped bracing design provides exceptional balance and clarity typically found only in smaller-bodied instruments. Whether you’re a flatpicker, fingerstyle player, or something in between, the C100 offers impressive versatility and just might be the ideal companion for singer-songwriters looking to fill the room with sound while still leaving space for vocals to shine through.

Sitka Spruce is the ideal tonewood for a good majority of players. It responds well to a variety of playing styles and produces rich, lush bass tones with smooth trebles right from the start.

A new favorite to the shop, this Collings C100 Deluxe is the perfect guitar for someone wanting a smaller body guitar that still puts out volume and classic thud into a sonic space. It is small and comfortable but puts out a sound similar to a slope dreadnought. Collings has really outdone themselves on this new addition to the line up.