Collings D3A w/ Adirondack Spruce Top & 41 Style Appointments Pre-Owned 2013 ID-13565

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25 1/2"
Nut Width:
1 23/32"
Adirondack Spruce
Indian Rosewood

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Collings D3A with Custom Adirondack Spruce Top and 41 Style Appointments

The square-shouldered 14-fret dreadnought is the most popular steel-string acoustic guitar body shape in the world. While Collings is certainly not the only company to build them, they bring a new tonal clarity to the depth and warmth usually associated with such a large, deep-bodied guitar. Although its bass response makes the dreadnought ideal for vocal accompaniment, Collings versions are also often employed by bluegrass flatpickers who must compete with inherently louder instruments such as banjos and fiddles.

Adirondack Spruce, "the holy grail" of topwoods, drives the top of this powerful instrument. Adirondack is generally favored by heavy handed players, and provides nearly unlimited headroom when you need the extra power.

On an open strum, the words clarity and richness come right to mind. The trebles are clean and defined without overpowering the overall richness of the bottom-end. Adirondack Spruce on the top with Adirondack barces makes this guitar incredibly powerful with virtually unlimited headroom and plenty of Adirondack crispness.

The gorgeous set of Indian Rosewood on the back and sides broadens out the dynamic range, bringing overtone rich low-end and mellow yet defined trebles. When fingerpicking, each note is rich and warm, yet well defined and easily articulated.

This guitar is loaded with upgrades... although it's technically a Collings D3A, it is essentially an upgraded D41A, with both visual and sonic options added.  The addition of the 41 Style Abalone top border, Abalone rosette, logo and 42 style abalone snowflake fingerboard inlays make this instrument stand out in the crowd.

A custom 1 23/32" nut width and gold Waverly tuners complete the package on this incredible instrument.  The tone is especially balanced with lots of power and clarity, and a great low end as well.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Excellent Condition w/ only light scratches on the pickguard.

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Collings D3A