Collings DS2H Sitka Spruce and Indian Rosewood Pre-Owned 2000 ID-11698

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25 1/2"
Nut Width:
1 13/16"
Sitka Spruce
Indian Rosewood

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Collings DS2H Sitka Spruce and Indian Rosewood

The Collings DS is the original 12-fret dreadnought shape, first designed as an oversized Hawaiian guitar almost a century ago. Collings retained the body shape and wide neck with slotted headstock from that bygone era, but their DS models are thoroughly modern guitars with a unique sound all their own.

This Collings DS2H features a Sitka Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides. Sitka has a lower stiffness-to-weight ratio than Adirondack Red Spruce . 

A positive side-effect of this more flexible soundboard is that it doesn't require as much strength (or string attack) to produce it's signature balanced sonic tone.  A player with a lighter attack or even fingerstyle players will find Sitka Spruce much more suited to their playing style.

Whether flatpicked or played fingerstyle, these guitars have lots of headroom and the wide dynamic range invites everything from mellow accompaniment to biting leads.

The Indian Rosewood back and sides provides a deep, extended low end when compared to mahogany and certainly shines when combined with Collings tuned Sitka top.

This particular set of Indian Rosewood is not only beautiful, it provides a perfect tone and volume for all styles of play. The low end is clear, distinct and incredibly powerful, without sacrificing the strong high end.

This instrument is in Excellent Condition with only some light pick scratches on the pickguard as well as a few very light surface scratches on the back. There is also one small scratch on the bottom of the guitar near the end pin.

Includes Hardshell Case.

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Collings DS2H