Collings I 35 LC Dark Cherry Finish w/ Lollar P90's Pre-Owned 2017 ID-13192

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24 7/8"
Nut Width:
1 11/16"

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Collings I 35 LC Dark Cherry Finish

The sound Collings has developed with these pickups can certainly be described as mature. The neck position pushes out a lovely warmth and depth – ideal for jazz chording or chunky blues.

None of the pesky midrange honkiness that can be found with bridge humbuckers is present. The bridge pickup is certainly hotter and more aggressive, but maintains full-bodied presence without any harshness. One reviewer had this to say about the pickups, "As they're pushed, they react with a smooth compression without becoming excessively bright."

Collings collaborates with Jason Lollar for all their pickup designs. While the particular pickups they use are specially wound to Collings specifications. Lollar manages to capture the airy top end, tight lows, balanced midrange, and complex overtones of the best P90 pickups

"P-90 pickups are one of the most versatile single coil pickups made. Jason designed ours not only to sound great but has always built them with materials designed to not deteriorate or become brittle over time. We cut and build our bobbins here in the shop along with all of our
other single coil pickups.

All of our P-90s are vintage inspired. They're also one of our most popular pickups — and for good reason; we focus on sound, consistency, and reliability. Also, you're not limited by your guitar since you can get our distinct P-90 sound in a soapbar, dog ear, humbucker, or Jazzmaster route." -Lollar Pickups

This guitar has been customized with a gorgeous Dark Cherry finish, Tortoise Binding, and Amber Knobs and the popular Jason Lollar P90's.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Excellent Condition w/ no wear or tear to mention.

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