Collings I35 LC w/ Candy Apple Red Finish & ThroBak SLE101 Plus MXV Pickups ID-13230

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24 7/8"
Nut Width:
1 11/16"
Laminate Maple
Laminate Maple

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Collings I 35 LC Candy Apple Red

When Collings moved into the electric arena in 2006, Bill had an interest in the role that laminate woods play in the tone of classic semi-hollow electrics and jazz guitars, and it was only a matter of time before he delved into a new variation.  After much research and experimentation, and a few dissected classic guitars later... they became ready to introduce this exciting new line of electric guitars. The Collings I 35 LC model is a laminate maple version of the standard I-35.  This guitar includes appointments such as a Candy Apple Red Top, 60's Neck Carve and ThroBak SLE 101 Plus MXV Pickups.

Compared to the solid wood semi-hollow models, the laminate construction sends more controlled information to the pickups, allowing Collings to use higher output electronics. 

Collings is now offering SLE 101 Plus MXV pickups. The Models have the same winder configuration for the SLE 101 Pickups but include extra winds for more power and bite.

We wouldn't describe the tone of the laminate guitars as being better or worse than the solid equivalent. Instead, they should be viewed as two different guitars with two different sets of tonal characteristics.

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