Collings Intonated Wrap Around Bridge

This electric guitar bridge is Collings' own design and fixes the problems of wrap-around bridges which are not intonated.  This is designed with precise calculation of the proper intonation radius machined directly into the top of the bridge.  Each string has it's own resting spot on the bridge... it is a bit obscure to the naked eye, as the finish is highly polished nickel plating. This ensures that you will play in tune throughout the length of the neck and still have the tonal advantages a wrap-around bridge offers.  Collings offers this as a custom option on a number of different models in their line of electric guitars.

From the Collings resource guide:

"While many players enjoy the simplicity and tonal benefits of a wraparound bridge, they often present intonation problems due to their limited adjust-ability as well as manufacturing inconsistencies. Having tested a variety of third-party products, we decided that the only way to achieve the tone and playability we desired was to develop and produce our own bridge in-house. We experimented with a variety of materials and alloys to find the perfect tonal compliment to our electric guitars. Since the bridge has been designed specifically for Collings instruments and is produced in-house to exacting tolerances, players can reap the benefits of improved tone and responsiveness without sacrificing intonation".

Collings guitars equipped with their signature wrap-around bridge option arrive perfectly intonated for their standard string gauges, D'Addario EXL-115 strings (.011", .014", .018", .028", .038", .049").   Should you elect to switch to different strings, intonation can easily be adjusted with the two micro-screws mounted at either end of the bridge.  This makes setup easy, whether you need to lengthen or shorten the scale for perfect intonation.  Collings legendary workmanship & innovation at its best!